Thursday, October 9, 2008

Genetics Schmenetics

My daughter Laura will be mortified that I'm announcing she just got hired to draw a weekly comic strip for her college's student newspaper. Her salary will just about cover her lunch (not "lunches" plural, just one). I told her that, although I was very proud we now have two paid cartoonists in the family, her mother would probably blame me for it. I was right.

My other daughter, Robin, recently showed me some cool software she's using to help analyze the composition of pottery dug up by her anthropology professor. She has also worked in the archeology lab since last year, sloshing dig debris through a watery sieve to sort and count the interesting bits. Sounds like fun.

I haven't pressed the fact that I earned extra cash in my own college years drawing for my student newspaper and working for an astronomy professor. I can't take much credit for how my kids are turning out--they're their own people pursuing unique interests in their own ways--but I'll take whatever credit I can. 'Cause that cartooning and laboratory stuff is totally me.

My wife helped, too.


Mike said...

Yeah yeah yeah.

Post the comic.

Brian Fies said...

I would estimate my odds of getting permission to do that as less than 5%. But if I do, I will.

dddegg said...


A legacy strip in the making?

Sherwood Harrington said...


Post the comic. Kids these days, I swear...

Mike Lynch said...

What Mr. Harrington said.

Brian Fies said...

Sorry. She knows where I live. She knows when I sleep. And I'm pretty sure that if she got the drop on me, she could take me.