Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Does Anybody in Ohio Dream of that Spanish Citadel?*

I haven't had much to contribute to this here blog or my Facebook pages lately. I've been very busy trying to get ahead on work so I can take a couple of days off to fly to Ohio at the end of the week. How busy?


This'll probably be the last reminder that I'll be speaking at the opening of the "LitGraphic" exhibition at the Toledo Museum of Art on Friday, Oct. 2. This is the exhibition put together by the Norman Rockwell Museum and now traveling the country for a few years, lugging several pages of original art from Mom's Cancer with it. I think things get started around 7 p.m., with my talk scheduled for 7:30. I originally thought the museum was planning an opening reception for that night but just learned I'd thunk wrong; the reception will be held a week later to mark all of the museum's fall shows, including LitGraphic. So on Oct. 2, the evening's entertainment will consist entirely of . . . me.

Ta Daaaa!

(Hmm. Maybe I should add some animations and sound effects to my PowerPoint presentation to increase its entertainment value . . . whoooosh! Boooinnnnng! Ka-powwww!)

I'll take some pictures and be sure to post a full report. If you're a comics fan in the Toledo area not doing anything better this Friday evening, LitGraphic is worth seeing and I'd love to meet you. If you're a crazed stalker, I'll be in Cleveland.

*This post's title comes from the lyrics an Elvis Costello song called, natch, "Toledo."


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