Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturday at the Museum, Now with Music!

Good pal Mike Lynch alerted me to this short video of last Saturday's Sketch-a-Thon at the Charles Schulz Museum celebrating the 60th anniversary of "Peanuts." I'm in it, about 31 seconds in. And solely to embarrass my wife (never a good idea but I'm a thrill-seeker), I'll note that there's a quick shot of Karen standing behind me at 54 sec.

I was surprised to see this video, even though I obviously knew I was being taped. There were a couple of videographers running around and I forgot about this guy (cartoonist Mike Capozzola). Here's how big a sap I am: watching myself draw Linus's pumpkin patch accompanied by Guaraldi's "Linus and Lucy" theme puts a little shiver down my spine. What a dope.

The video definitely captures the spirit of the day. Thanks to Mike Capozzola and thanks (again) to the museum for letting me in the door.

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