Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Little One

Just had this cute little Magnitude 2.6 earthquake shudder through my house about 12 minutes ago. Its epicenter was 6 miles north and 3 miles down. No big deal, just a little reminder from the Earth that it's still there. Message received. Life appreciated.

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ronnie said...

The 5.8 that hit Virginia on August 23 was felt all the way up here! Buildings downtown swayed or shuddered. I was taking a vacation day and Husband texted me to tell me they'd all been evacuated. (Many office buildings downtown evacuated.) We now have "What to do in the event of an earthquake" memos posted all over my building, which is so useful now, since the chances of it happening again in the near future are infinitesimal. Just as well, as we proved ourselves to be entirely earthquake-clueless. (Give us a good blizzard or a hurricane. We know what to do with them.)