Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy January Birthdays!

Writer Mark Evanier, whose blog is a daily stop of mine, has been posting a series of songs from a 1950s' record called Bugs Bunny's Songfest. The LP included birthday songs for each month of the year, most sung by Warner Brothers characters voiced by Mel Blanc. Mark tells the whole story here.

I've never heard these songs before and think they're kind of charming. I can just imagine being a kid having a birthday party back then, putting this record on my old portable plastic phonograph, and having Daffy Duck or Tweety Bird sing a song just for me.

That's what passed for "fun" in the old days. I wasn't around for the Fifties but was sufficiently Fifties-adjacent to testify.

I thought it'd be fun to post each song on the first of its appropriate month to convey my best birthday wishes to you all. This is in lieu of cards, gifts, or wishing anybody salutations on Facebook, which I don't do because I find it somehow creepy. (Note: a small number of people will continue to receive cards and/or gifts from me as well.) For a moment I worried that I might forget to post future months' songs on the proper day, until I remembered that Blogger lets you schedule posts in advance (I should have remembered instantly; I've got a month's worth of my webcomic loaded up that way). So I think I'll take a few minutes and set that up now.

January's late because I just discovered these songs. Sorry and Happy Belated Birthday, Januaries! All you Februaries will get your song on Saturday. Patience, Decembers.


Anonymous said...

This is a great recording! I can imagine how cool it was to have a cartoon character sing you a birthday song. Now to wait for March.


Brian Fies said...

Well, you could cheat and go find March's yourself, but that would be wrong.