Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Wow. Now in 3-D!

In my last post from my Corte Madera signing, I teased a story about receiving "an amazing gift that knocked my socks off." It's not much of a story because I still don't know much about the gift's provenance except it was handed to me by a man named Steve. Steve made these:

Daffodils from A Fire Story. This is Karen's favorite drawing from the book; she may claim this one for herself. Again, photos don't really do these justice, partly because of reflections in the glass.

The climax of The Last Mechanical Monster. This is at least five separate layers of precision-cut paper, all stacked and spaced to give a stunning 3-D effect.

Photos don't do them justice. They're multi-layered cutouts of my art in shadowboxes that gives them an astounding three-dimensional effect. The thoughtfulness Steve dedicated to these, deciding which parts of the picture should be at which level, particularly on the Last Mechanical Monster pic, is very impressive. I have no idea how he cut out the art; I can only imagine him hunched over a board with a scalpel and magnifying glass.

In person, they're breathtaking! Both will have places of honor on my studio wall, as soon as I have a wall.

I don't know Steve. All I could do is stammer out my deepest thanks before he was gone. I hope he sees this and knows how much I love them, not just for what they are but for the time and care he obviously took to make them.

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