Saturday, May 2, 2009

Book 'Em Danno: Earworm One

No kidding, I woke up with this tune running through my head and have had it stuck on "repeat" all morning. Since the only known cure for an earworm is to pass it on to someone else, I need you to turn up your speakers and watch the video below. I'm sorry; my very sanity is at stake.

Pound for pound, still the best theme song ever composed, with the best cast credit ever: "Zulu as Kono." It's not possible to be cooler than that.


Cindy said...

Woohoo! Inspiration for a new way to drive my fifteen-year-old crazy!

Chogrin said...

Love your blog and can't wait for your new book!

Karen said...

You're right. Definitely the coolest ever.