Friday, June 3, 2022

Blurbs 1

"Blurbs" are a sordid but necessary bit of the authoring racket. You try to convince the most impressive people you can find to say complimentary things about your book, on the off chance that shoppers will believe them. For my forthcoming The Last Mechanical Monster, Editor Charlie called in some favors and found some good ones. This is the blurb we're putting on the back cover; I'll tease more later.

Joking aside, the idea that people like Paul Dini (and others to be named later) not only read my story but liked it enough to say nice things about it is astonishing and humbling.

EDITED TO ADD: I wanted to explain a bit more about why this particular blurb means a lot to me. Dini's animated reimagining of Batman in the 1990s, and his later work on Superman, are considered by many fans the definitive takes on those characters--better than the TV series, movies, even most of the comic books. More than that, the look and feel of those animated series was inspired and informed by the same classic Fleischer brothers cartoons from the early '40s that inspired my story. He understands these characters and their roots like few others. So that's very cool.