Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thanks for a Wonderful Bash

Just wrapped up my live Virtual Launch Party a half hour ago and am triaging the damage. Only one embarrassing disaster, I think, when I stepped on the camera cord at the 44-minute mark and completely froze/fried my computer. What a dummy. I planned to webcast for two hours and went for three, and time felt like it blazed along to me. I also understand the final few seconds got cut off; I swear I pushed the buttons in the right order. The ways of webcasting are mysterious indeed.

I was hoping to embed the individual videos and might be able to do that later. For now, I hope this'll do. Part 1 is before I stepped on the cord; Part 2 begins about five minutes later, after the most agonizingly slow reboot in computer history.

My sincerest thanks to everyone who watched and participated. I've since heard that UStream didn't allow some people to sign up and chat. Very sorry about that, but I'm very glad you were there. We had about 160 unique viewers, and I was overjoyed to see that they didn't all go away when Special Guest Stephan Pastis left.

(A note for Pastis fans: Stephan arrived a few minutes into Part 2.)

Many many thanks to Stephan, who exceeded my expectations. In so many ways.


Mike said...

Great party! Good fun, interesting insights.

Hope the Cheetos powder comes off your tux.

sligo said...

really happy to have been part of this, Brian.

and still waiting to do lunch (i know, i know, we live so far apart...)

congratulations. i look forward to getting a bookplate!

Sherwood Harrington said...

Adding my kudos to the Mikes'. Interesting insights, indeed, and while Pastis was there we had some interesting incites, too. Funny, funny guy, and I hope he got home okay.

Ronnie said...

Loved it all - just two frustrations: "they" wouldn't let me log on, and I didn't have any Cheetos in the house.

Will need a bookplate and Mike will give you the right address to send it to - I don't know how -

Thanks for sharing all those fun secrets!

Mike's Mom