Monday, May 18, 2009

Toledo in October

The six readers who've stuck with me a while may remember when several pages of original artwork from Mom's Cancer were part of an exhibition of comic art expertly curated by the Norman Rockwell Museum from November 2007 to June 2008. I blogged about attending the opening, surely one of the nicest honors and coolest evenings of my life. Shortly before that exhibition closed, the Rockwell folks asked if they could hold onto my pages for a few more years while they took the show on the road, sharing it with other museums. I said, "Sure!"

As a result, my work will join that of much more talented and experienced writers and artists at the Toledo Museum of Art this autumn, and I've just agreed to speak at the opening on October 2. I notice they've already got a webpage started for it.
When I saw this "LitGraphic" exhibition at the Rockwell Museum it was fantastic, with three good-sized galleries displaying and interpreting a wide historical swath of comics work. While I have no idea how many of those same pieces will make the trip to Toledo, I'm sure it'll be worth a look to any comics fans in the area.

Plus, I've never been to Ohio, so I'll be able to cross that off my bucket list.

How my stuff looked hanging in the Rockwell.
Must remember to wear a different outfit in Toledo.


Mike Lynch said...

GREAT news! I'll be about an hour away the weekend before that for my sister's wedding. I'll call her and tell her to move her nuptials to coincide with your talk.

Brian Fies said...

Not necessary! I'll call the museum and tell them to postpone their opening to coincide with your sister's wedding. That would probably involve less screaming and crying.

Mike Lynch said...

You're a pal, Brian!