Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WHTTWOT Virtual Launch Party!

Nothing you can imagine doing this Saturday night could possibly be more interesting and fun than attending an online virtual launch party to celebrate the upcoming release of Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow! Nothing! Why, there'll be talking, and reading, and drawing, and . . . more talking. Exciting prizes. Plus a Special Guest who actually hasn't cancelled yet!

Saturday, May 30
6 p.m. Pacific
7 p.m. Mountain
8 p.m. Central
9 p.m. Eastern
10 p.m. Ronniecat
and elsewhen elsewhere.


Important Details:
Anyone is welcome to watch the party. However, due to an unfortunate policy change by webcast host UStream, those who want to participate via comments on the chat board must Sign Up (until very recently UStream allowed anonymous posts that didn't require signing up). It's pretty quick and easy; you can do it on the spot. Just type your comment in the appropriate field and hit "Send." Then create a Username and Password, and hit "Sign Up." After you provide an e-mail address and birthdate--both of which can be
phony--you've joined the conversation.

I regret the hassle. One reason I went with UStream was its formerly easy, no-obligation chat function. But the sign-up process isn't too onerous and, as I said, there's absolutely nothing you need to do if you just want to drop by and watch. I really hope you will.

In the comments, Sandra asks if a recording of the webcast will be available later. Yes! I plan to record it and link to it here on the blog.

Doing a dry run this morning. I'll dress better on Saturday.


Sherwood Harrington said...

You're going to be *dressed*?

ronnie said...

Hey! Look at me! I have my own time zone!

(I dare one of ya to make a size joke...)

Mike Lynch said...

Still trying to figure out the special guest. I'm hoping for maybe Cesar Romero or Mary Ann Mobley, but I bet it'll be some cartoonist instead.

Sandra said...

Rats. I'm having company for dinner on that night...will we be able to see a recording later?

Brian Fies said...

Sherwood: I'll be dressed (believe me, it's better that way), but no promises about anyone else who might appear.

Ronnie: I didn't think anyone but you and some whales in the mid-Atlantic inhabited that godforsaken time zone.

Mike: Wait, I thought YOU were going to be my Special Guest! Remember, we had it all worked out! Wouldn't Cesar Romero be a great guest? Or, really, anyone who came back from the dead.

Sandra: I added a note to the post that Yes, I do plan to record the webcast for later viewing. I'm flattered by the idea that someone might actually want to watch it. Thanks!

Sherwood Harrington said...

Re ms cat's time zone: It could be even more godforsaken, you know. She could live in St. John's.

Re Mr. Romero: Mike didn't say anything about having him come back from the dead. Maybe he just meant for you to prop him up in the background. (He'd use up less of the beer that way.)

ronnie said...

"Re ms cat's time zone: It could be even more godforsaken, you know. She could live in St. John's."

Well, I used to... today it's my excuse for being perennially 1/2 hour late to... well... everything.

Mike said...

Logically speaking, wouldn't it make you half an hour early to everything???

Unknown said...


Rachel said...

I am so looking forward to this. It's been on my calendar for weeks. By the way, I just saw an announcement for the party on Facebook. Hope there's lots of room for guests!

Namowal (Jennifer Bourne) said...

Will there be virtual chips and salsa?

ronnie said...

Mike: I said it was an 'excuse', not an explanation :)

Sherwood Harrington said...

After the show:

It takes something pretty special to keep my attention for three hours, Brian. Great show!

ronnie said...

Awesome show, Brian! Just fun and interesting from beginning to end. Consider doing another one soon!