Monday, September 21, 2009

Get in the Sack

I try to run a clean, all-ages, family blog here, but I've come across the YouTube clip below a few times in different contexts and always appreciated it. I just stumbled on it again, which I take as the universe's way of telling me to post it.

This is Irish comedian Dara O'Briain using a few naughty but well-chosen words to say some things I think are worth saying.

If you don't have six minutes to spare or don't like naughty words, I'll boil it down: "Science knows it doesn't know everything. Otherwise it'd stop." That's your bumpersticker, right there.

P.S.: Just to avoid any confusion and save you the trouble of looking it up yourself, I believe his last joke that ends "You look like Noddy" refers to this fella:

I can see it.


ronnie said...


I have a few people to put in that sack. Including the "certified reiki therapist" (I didn't consult her, she volunteered herself) who told me I'd get my hearing back if I just "understood what it was [I] don't want to hear".

And please, can I have a go at the stick?

p.s. I had Noddy wallpaper in my bedroom when I was a kiddie...

Namowal said...

That was great!
Bogus medicine (homeopathy, herbs etc..) has always annoyed me. Maybe because many of my acquaintances believe in it (and past lives, crystal power, Ouija Boards etc..)
One even claimed she wouldn't date- or even rent an apartment to "someone who was a Leo."
Is there room in the sack for them?

mark said...

Into the sack. Perfect. This was great.