Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ich Bin Ein Chilean


Anonymous said...

Yeah? Well yo soy un jelly donut!


Jim O'Kane said...

As I was scrolling the flag up I thought you were announcing your love of the Texas Rangers.

My poor beloved Rangers! Always the Washington Generals of the baseball world. I used to live in an apartment within applause distance of the old stadium. Finally, Bobby Valentine is avenged.

/ and I'm not even a sports guy.

ronnie said...

You're so right!

I blogged about this last night. Husband compared the moment to feeling like Apollo 13 - the entire world united in hoping some human beings survived impossible odds.

As I type this, the 32nd miner has been brought out. If there was ever an argument for the value of science and human ingenuity (and courage) - this is it.

Anonymous said...

<3 this.... Nurse Sis