Friday, October 8, 2010

Tapas du Jour

Little bite-sized bits to tide us over for the weekend . . .
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"Why I Feel Old" #355: I was alive when they made this.

Yeah, I watched all those shows. How odd to see a Corvette tearing down the main drag of old Virginia City. I find Endora's flirtation with Hoss unsettling, but my opinion of Elizabeth Montgomery's extraordinary beauty is stronger than ever. Sadly, 1965 was a year too soon for Captain Kirk to spin doughnuts around the Enterprise's bridge in a Corvair.

(Hat tip to Jim O'Kane.)
* * *

Deep-thinking cartoonist Darryl Cunningham posted on Facebook: "What if the Chilean miners came out to find the world empty of people? I think we should all hide to freak them out." I like the way Darryl thinks. Read the comics on his blog and look for his book Psychiatric Tales, already out in the U.K. and coming to the U.S. soon.

* * *

More bragging on friends' books: my once-a-year pal Raina Telgemeier's just received a Boston Globe Horn Book Honor Award for her graphic novel Smile. The Horn Book Award is one of the more respectable honors that a book for children or young adults can win, and goes to the year's best in nonfiction, picture books, and fiction/poetry. I want to be careful to describe this right: Smile was named one of two nonfiction Honor Books, which isn't the big award but a still-prestigious honorable mention. It's well-deserved recognition for a fine book, and I'm very happy for Raina. It's nice when good things happen to good people.

* * *

Finally, also from Jim O'Kane, whose tastes in entertainment and spacecraft seem to mirror my own, this may be worth four minutes of your time:

To be clear, the puppeteer says in his video's comments that this is performance art. He's not really homeless, just trying to call attention to their plight . . . their pressure, if you will. Still, I found it fun, especially as it picks up about two minutes in. If I saw this in person I'd give him a buck, which is the highest praise I can offer a busker.

Have a good weekend, y'all.


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Mike said...

I wonder if having sponsors pick up specific shows was one reason the networks were not so quick to pull a show that didn't get boffo ratings the first week?

By happenstance, "Discovery Kids" has, in a partnership with Disney and Hasbro, relaunch as "Hub" this week, and there is all sorts of hand-wringing about how it's going to be one long toy commercial.

I don't get it. "The Wonderful World of Disney" was one long theme park commercial, and the Disney Channel is one long commercial for Hannah Montana gear. Don't these guardians of childlike innocence watch TV?

Sigh. The days when Endora and Hoss could ride off into the sunset together were so much simpler ...