Sunday, November 7, 2010

Teacher Evaluations

Google Alerts continues to net more responses from last week's gig at UC Davis. As I recall from when my daughter took the class, the Design 1 students are required to start a blog to write about the design they find in their lives. Neat idea, particularly since blogging allows them to easily combine text and visual information. I suspect another benefit is getting them used to expressing themselves in public.

Anyway, here's more from Carmen, Andrea, A Murray, Trina, Jennifer, Kylee, Deonna, Conley, Mark, Nhia, Priscilla, Tina, Kmbrlygl, and another from Victoria, to whom I linked before.

More added Tuesday (they keep coming!): Joyce, Gabby, Caroline, Suzanne, long-time comics fan Tobias, Mandy, Lily, and an especially nice analysis from Christian.

It's interesting to see what they picked up on and took away. Everybody got something a bit different; I like that. Thanks again to all of them for the nice welcome, words and feedback. As I said before, the kids are all right.*
*I know The Who said "The kids are alright." Can't bring myself to use it. Sorry. It's just wrong.


Christian Bergstrom said...

Brian Fies said...

Thanks, Christian. I found your post particularly interesting and thoughtful. Tell Dr. Housefield that I give you an "A" for that one.