Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm On The Austrian a-Radio

Way back in last August, I got an e-mail from reporter Christian Cummins from Austrian radio station ORF FM4 asking for an interview about Mom's Cancer (or its German version, Mutter hat Krebs). In a powerful example of how small the world has become and how interconnected we are all, I received Chris's e-mail at 4:40 a.m. my time. I replied as soon as I got up and saw his note, at 7:03 a.m., and said, "How about now?" Chris and I connected on Skype, did the interview, and were done by 7:42 a.m., when I e-mailed him some images from the book to post online.

Think for a second about how amazing that is: a guy in Austria wants to interview another guy in California for a radio program and they get the entire thing done, soup to nuts, in less than an hour. Sometimes I enjoy living in The Future.

Anyway, I did the interview and forgot about it until yesterday, when Chris was kind enough to e-mail me a copy of the piece with apologies for forgetting to do it earlier. How rare and considerate! If I've done this right, there should be some kind of doohickey right under this paragraph that will let you listen to the edited three-minute interview (posted with Chris's permission). He also sent me a link to a separate text version of his story, which has totally different content and is, I think, an excellent write-up.


Thanks to Christian for the interview and the web article, and for remembering to tell me about them!

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