Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From Coast to Coast and All the Ships at Sea

I've gotten the nod to announce that I'm scheduled to be a guest on the Jordan Rich Show on Boston radio station WBZ 1030 on Friday, July 29! Since WBZ has a mighty continent-spanning 50,000-watt transmitter in addition to being part of the CBS Radio Network, the potential audience is enormous.

Bearing in mind that I'm always at the mercy of breaking news or a better guest turning up, I'll be Jordan's guest at midnight (Eastern) Friday night/Saturday morning and spend at least half an hour talking about graphic novels in general and my graphic novels in particular. I owe the gig entirely to Friend O' The Blog Jim O'Kane, who as the World's Foremost Authority on TV Single Dads has been Jordan's guest before and convinced him I was worth a listen. If this goes well, I might have to elevate Jim's status to "Benefactor O' The Blog." Sincere thanks to Jim.

Now where did I put my Les Nessman Correspondence Course?

I expect WBZ's facilities have improved since 1921.


Jim O'Kane said...

I feel like the guy who brought the Golden Spike to Promontory Point, uniting East and West, or something. :)

Two of my favorite people chatting on the air in 37 states and half of Canada is not quite covered by the phrase "mind-boggling."

The only cinematic moment this connects with in my mind is that scene in Silverado where Brian Dennehy walks into the Midnight Star Saloon and finds Linda Hunt and Kevin Kline in conversation with each other. That's not quite the same spirit of the thing, but I'll think of a better analogy tomorrow, I'm sure.

It's all very exciting, and I'm glad you guys are doing this next week. Jordan's show thrives on the kind of content your work is focused on, so this show will be excellent. Have fun! Nancy and I will be hovering around the Philco with our oversized headphones on.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear you tonight, Brian! I hope all the other Friends o'the Blog (tm) are going to be listening on line as well. That's 1030 on your AM dial, folks!

nancy g.
aka Captain Girlfriend