Thursday, March 8, 2012

A New Look

Yep, I updated my blog format. The old template was increasingly buggy and too narrow, especially for posting images and videos large enough to see. This new design promises some features that look interesting, though I'm sure I won't fuss too much with it. Keep it simple.

I'll continue to fine-tune layout, colors and such. If you see any problems or have any suggestions (I'm not sure I like that ghosted comics background), let me know. Thanks!


Jim O'Kane said...

Lookin' good! And a great way of showing off your iconography.

My only suggestion would be to increase the contrast of the background images slightly. The white background of your content container already makes the screen pretty light - - so a more contrasty background would probably soften the overall.... albedo, I guess would be the proper word.

Brian Fies said...

Jim, I appreciate the feedback, especially from a web-designing pro. I played with different contrasts; my concern is that a busy, brightly colored background (or, really, margins) would be too distracting. Maybe I could boost contrast but overlay a transparent tint to mute it? I'll continue to play.

I also appreciate the word "albedo." It's like you and I (and Sherwood) have a secret code.

Jim O'Kane said...

The tint would be a great experiment. I'd suggest a mint green, as our eyeballs interpret most gray scale values as "normal" through a green filter. But you know that.