Thursday, April 4, 2019

KQED Forum with Michael Krasny

Here's 52 minutes of me with host Michael Krasny on KQED Forum this morning. Originally scheduled for half an hour, I was asked to do a full hour after Mr. Krasny read my book. He was very prepared, and a good listener. We took listener calls and emails, some pretty intense. KQED staff seemed very happy with the program. An hour went incredibly fast!

Preparing to go on the air with Michael Krasny. Blurry; I only had a few seconds until we were live.

KQED's Green Room has years of autographs and doodles covering its walls, including those of several cartoonists. I added mine next to Keith Knight's; figured he wouldn't mind.

KQED's Green Room.
Alison Bechdel was here.

So was Pixar's Pete Docter.

So was cartoonist Joe Sacco.

I found a little open spot between Keith Knight, Gentleman Cartoonist, and physicist Michio Kaku. Seemed appropriate.

Then on the way out I found Kelly Whalen waiting in the lobby for me! Kelly produced our animated Fire Story for KQED TV and I hadn't seen her since Emmy night, so that was a very nice reunion.

Kelly Whalen heard me on the air and intercepted me in the lobby. As I joked in my earlier posts with Farrin Abbott, everybody in this photo has an Emmy Award. Except Kelly has a flock of them. She's the best.

Thanks to KQED and Mr. Krasny for the airtime and a special morning.

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Risa Nye said...

I lost my home in the 1991 Oakland Hills fire. Can relate to everything you say here. My experience turned into a memoir, called "There Was a Fire Here." Wishing you all the strength and courage you will need to draw on as you move ahead with rebuilding. Will try to make the reading in Berkeley next week. Sorry I didn't hear this live, or I might have called in!