Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Sixty-Second Sticky Doodle 8: Hands, Balloons and Mittens

A conversation I had with Karen, exaggerated for humorous effect:

Her: How many days are you going to draw hands?
Me: Every day this week!
Her: Why?
Me: It's Hands Week!
Her: I mean, Why? Nobody wants that.
Me: Viewer request?
Her: They didn't request it every day!
Me: It's cool?
Her: (facepalm, sigh)


Sharon said...

One more time -- these are a blast! Thanks! 8 - )

(I can't draw at all, and was inspired to sketch a little along with you!)

Anonymous said...

OK how do you draw boobs? That will get you some peace in the home I'm sure!

Brian Fies said...

I'm unlikely to tackle that except in passing, Anon. However, I've seen some good tutorials, the best of them by women cartoonists, and if I can find the ones I'm looking for, I'll post them.