Thursday, September 11, 2008

Interview with Editor Charlie

"Editor Charlie," a character who occasionally appears in my posts, is my friend Charles Kochman, executive editor of my publisher's new imprint, Abrams ComicArts. Apart from his other accomplishments, Charlie is the guy who pulled Mom's Cancer out of the Abrams slush pile and is working with me again on WHTTWOT. Now I see that ComicMix has posted a great interview by Martha Thomases profiling the star to which I've hitched my wagon.

The interview reveals details about jobs Charlie has had and people he's worked with that I didn't know (though just try to get him to shut up about Alex Ross...). He was kind enough to mention Mom's Cancer in the piece. I was happy to see the interview hit on a couple of points I know to be absolutely true: Charlie's respect for the experience and knowledge of industry veterans, and the importance to his work of building relationships. It is an amazing thing to stroll around a comic convention floor with Charlie: he knows everyone, and can hardly walk twenty steps without introducing you to a legendary writer or artist. When Charlie vouches for you, you're in the club. More than one person has compared the experience to hanging with The Godfather, and I mean that in the very best possible sense. The number of people Charlie has actually had whacked is probably very small.

I have boundless respect and affection for Charlie, and I was fortunate my work found its way to his desk (this is why I never have good advice for people asking how to get published; "be lucky enough to send it to the right person" isn't very constructive). Aside from the biographical information, I think the interview provides a good look at the publishing industry as it follows Charlie's career arc from writing coloring books (really?) to heading an imprint at a respected house. Good stuff.

The Godfather and Fredo


Brian said...

Thanks for sharing this, Brian! Charlie's way too modest to send stuff like this out, so I appreciate the heads-up.

Hope that all is well with you and yours in the meantime. Looking forward to the new book!

Brian Fies said...

Brian, thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing you and Karen (easy names to remember) next time I'm in town.