Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Commercial Break

Amazon.com tells me it's now accepting pre-orders for Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow?, available simply by following the link to the right. (The link says "No Image Available" but we know what it'll look like!)

Although I'd love to have your business, ordering a copy now seems premature given that the entire book currently exists only as gigabytes on my computer and we're still editing it. It ain't going nowhere for a while yet. On the other hand, Amazon's offering a great price and maybe a few early orders would drum up some enthusiasm. Philosophically, I'd much rather urge you to support your local independent bookseller, but if you're one of those well-organized forward-thinking people who gets your Christmas shopping done by May then go for it.

Speaking of May, that's the month Amazon lists as our release date. That's a little pessimistic, I think--it'll more likely be March or April. But anything could happen and Amazon may know something I don't.

Another milestone on the journey....


Sherwood Harrington said...

Holy smokes! That's less than most new CD's! How are retail prices set for works in this genre?

Brian Fies said...

It's a mystery to me, my friend. Full color costs more than black and white. Good paper costs more than bad. I think throwing darts at a board may be involved. For books in general, wholesale cost is about half retail and big chains get price breaks that your local Mom and Pop corner booksellers don't. But that's just a rule of thumb with a lot of wiggle room.