Thursday, October 1, 2009

Four Years On

Mom died four years ago today. I know I just wrote a little memorial on the occasion of her birthday in August, but I couldn't let the day go without mentioning it.

It strikes me as--I can't choose the right word: neat? cool? significant? appropriate?--that in a few minutes I'm heading to the airport to fly across the country and share her story with people who haven't heard it yet. That's powerful. Mom's Cancer was never a bestseller, but the fact that it has life after four years (five since I put the first installment online) is really extraordinary. Mom would've been proud.

Rather than blather, I thought I'd just post a few links to my old blog from the days following October 1, 2005. The context is that Mom passed away just as Abrams was submitting the final files for Mom's Cancer to the printer, and Editor Charlie and I weren't quite sure what to do. And then we did the right thing, or at least the best we could.

Mom (Oct. 3, 2005)

Photographs & Memories (Oct. 7, 2005)

About The Book (Oct. 7, 2005)

More Photos (Oct. 11, 2005)



sligo said...

i went and read the earlier posts. very moving.

it's a wonderful thing to have your mom's presence on bookshelves across the country (and parts of the world). it should be comforting, in its own way, to know you can physically hold an 'essence' of her anytime you wish. i go to the NPR archives every now and then simply to have an essence of my mom back in my life, if only for a few minutes.

and i know what you also know, that your mom's story touched and altered the lives of thousands of people...

...and that's a great tribute from a son to a mother.

Karen van Hoek said...

I had put some light and chatty comments on older blog entries here before I saw today's entry and realized what day it was for you. I'm sorry to hear that today is such a sad anniversary.

At least you know that through your book, your family's tragedy has helped thousands of other people to cope with cancer in their families. I'm sure your mother would be glad to know that people are still reading it and that it's helping people.

Mike Lynch said...

My thoughts are with you, my friend.

Sherwood Harrington said...

As are my thoughts, Brian.

ronnie said...

Me too, Brian.

It's important to remember.

Jerry said...

I don't post to blogs, but I was referencing wikipedia to answer questions about Mom's Cancer during a phone conversation. I noticed that today was the anniversary of your Mother's passing. I thought, "I should go to this guy's site and say and encouraging word." Sharing grief and suffering the way you did helped so many. I hope someday I can help others in a similar way. I hope this day of looking back and remembering is fruitful for you and your siblings.

Mike said...

The best part of this story is that she knew and participated in the project. It lifts it beyond a tribute to the level of a final, heartfelt collaboration, so that she lives on not simply through the story but through the book itself.

Take care, my friend. We should all be honored as you have honored her.