Monday, January 25, 2010

That's Cancertainment

Both my blog and original "Mom's Cancer" webcomic site are getting a big boost in hits today due to an article at The Onion's "A.V. Club" titled "That's Cancertainment: 25 Great Songs, Books, Films,
Albums, and TV Shows in Which Cancer Plays a Major Role."
Mine is Number 14:

"Using simple language, classically cartoony images, and not a hint of sugarcoating, Brian Fies’ 2006 graphic novel—first published as a webcomic—chronicles his colorful mother’s long struggle with lung cancer. It’s both an involving look at one woman’s battle with disease and a useful guide for what someone undergoing treatment for cancer can expect, both physically and mentally."

Unfortunately, as longtime readers know, while the site is still there, the webcomic isn't. My publisher asked me to take it down when the book was published, on the reasonable assumption that people wouldn't bother paying for a story in print (especially a relatively short story) when they could read it free online. That made sense to me and I was happy to do it.

The good news is that my publisher and I have been talking about putting "Mom's Cancer" back online as a free webcomic. The rationale now is that the book has been out a few years, it's pretty much sold all it's going to sell on its own, and reading the story online might prompt a few folks to seek out the print version. That also makes sense to me and I'm eager to do it. For various good reasons, we haven't followed through yet; if I'd known this article was coming, I would've pushed harder.

My bottom line has always been to get my family's story to as many people as possible, in whatever medium. Seeing "Mom's Cancer" return to its free webcomic roots would make me very happy--even though I still think the print version is well worth $14.95 (or a bargain $10.17 on Amazon right now).

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ronnie said...

I think that would be a win-win and a darned good idea. Hope it happens.