Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How It's Gonna Go Down This Time

Just before the Eisner Awards in July, I successfully predicted the winners in the two categories for which I was nominated. Neither of them was me. Let's see if I can keep my streak alive for the Harvey Awards, which will be announced at the Baltimore Comic Con this Saturday. Unfortunately, I won't be there. I genuinely wish I could--when people are nice enough to nominate me for something I feel it's polite to show up, and I always enjoy a good convention--but the trip's not in my travel budget, which right now would cover a tank of gas and a donut. Sorry, Baltimore.

Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow and I are inexplicably nominated for Best Artist, Best Letterer, Best Colorist, Best Original Graphic Album, and Best Single Issue or Story. I can dispatch four of my Harvey predictions at once: in the categories of Lettering, Coloring, Original Graphic Album, and Single Issue or Story, I'm up against David Mazzucchelli's Asterios Polyp, which will win.

There are other strong contenders in those four categories, some of which I personally prefer. But Asterios Polyp is this year's 800-pound gorilla: widely read, beloved by critics, written by a popular and respected creator. One or two books like Asterios Polyp come along every year, and all you can do is step aside and watch in awe and envy.

This insight is brought to you by a guy whose last book competed against Alison Bechdel's Fun Home.

In an oversight, Mazzucchelli wasn't nominated for Best Artist. My competition there is Robert Crumb (Book of Genesis), Guy Davis (BPRD: Black Goddess), David Petersen (Mouse Guard), Frank Quitely (Batman and Robin), and J.H. Williams III (Detective Comics). If I hadn't voted for myself, I would've voted for Petersen. His work in Mouse Guard is exceptional. Quitely earned a lot of acclaim for 2008's All-Star Superman and could win this one, if only because I imagine more voters have read his books than the others. But I just don't see how anybody beats Crumb doing The Bible, and that's my prediction.

Brian's Harvey Picks: I will go 0-4 against Mazzucchelli and 0-1 against God. I mean, Crumb.

I'm so confident of being shut out that I was momentarily dumbfounded when my wife Karen asked if anyone would be there to accept for me if I won. I had no idea. The possibility had honestly not occurred to me. Fortunately, I learned that Editor Charlie and his wife, the Lovely Rachel, plan to attend and represent several Abrams books in addition to mine. I've given Charlie a four-word acceptance speech (in addition to asking him to thank all the proper people, including himself) just in case.

Results here Sunday! I wouldn't mind being wrong.


Mike said...

So, do we get to guess the four words?
"Boy, was I wrong!"
"Check it out, Crumb!"
"Is there free shipping?"

Brian Fies said...

I'll tell you Sunday. You haven't guessed it yet.

Jim O'Kane said...

"Baltimore? Are you KIDDING?"

That would be my guess.

Brian, I sincerely hope you're horribly mistaken.

ronnie said...

Well "Han shot first" is too short. Is "The cake isn't a lie!" too obscure? It would be appropriate...

ronnie said...

Oh, darn. "The cake isn't a lie" is still 5 words, and that's with a contraction. How about: "Next: On to Mars!"

Brian Fies said...

Too obscure for me! And who's counting?