Thursday, July 4, 2019

PBS NewsHour: A Fire Story

Here's my segment, with Judy Woodruff's intro.

Overnight, A Fire Story's sales ranking on shot from something like 58,000 to #175. Television is still an incredibly powerful medium.

Thanks again to the PBS NewsHour crew for their thoughtful work!


Library Services said...

I posted this on the major library listserves... but was amazed that my post was picked up by the Tahoe Fire Brigade

Any chance we could cajole you into coming to Napa for an author's visit?
Kate MacMillan

Brian Fies said...

Thanks for sharing with the listserves, Kate, I appreciate it! I'd love to come to Napa, although I did a talk and signing there a couple of months ago, with the Napa Bookmine bookstore. The trick would be finding a shop that wanted me back!

Library Services said...

We had thought of doing something larger than a book store. We did recommend it as a Napa Reads choice but feel we should involve the whole community. We would like to include
the Napa County Library, Napa Valley College and Napa Valley USD... this has been a catastrophic event affecting so many people... your story would be a chance to reflect and heal.
Jennnifer, my office partner, is on vacation and I am in and out working on some summer projects.
If this concept interests you, let me know!

Brian Fies said...

Very! Please contact me by email: