Thursday, October 29, 2020

Mamae esta com Cancer

I just replied to an extremely long and detailed e-mail interview for Folha de São Paulo, which I'm told is one of the leading newspapers in Brazil, about the forthcoming Portuguese edition of Mom's Cancer.

Also: there is a forthcoming Portuguese edition of Mom's Cancer! Talk about burying the lede . . .

This was one of the most exhaustive interview of any sort I've done: 24 questions that took me nearly seven pages to answer. I hope they use some of it.

That's the Portuguese cover above. I did not design it, and Editor Charlie was very dubious when he first saw it. But I kinda like it, and the pink color ties in with Brazil's nationwide anti-cancer campaigns. Bottom line: I trust the Brazilian publishers know their market better than I do, and if they think hot pink will sell the book, it's OK with me!

This will be the eighth language for Mom's Cancer. In addition to English we've got German, French, Italian and Japanese already out, with Spanish and Slovenian (!) in the works. 

Seriously, when I began all this, I had no idea.


Caboclo said...

Obrigado, and I wish you could visit Brasil. However work visas are notoriously difficult to arrange and a book tour would be more hassle than its worth. Sorte!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the pink cover! DarkSide Books is a careful publisher in its works and pink is in fact the color of Brazilian campaigns about cancer.

Brian Fies said...

Thank you for commenting, Anonymous! I appreciate the reassurance. DarkSide seems like an excellent publisher.