Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Post Post

Cool! I hoped a good picture of the Abrams ComicArts panel at Comic-Con would turn up, and here's one today from the Publishers Weekly website:

Calvin Reid, Charlie Kochman, Denis Kitchen, Craig Yoe, Jordan Crane, Jaime Hernandez and yours truly. So many creative people, none of whom could think of a better pose than lining up against a wall.

Someone I know read my previous post and said she found it surprisingly subdued for a big announcement I've been waiting so long to make. She may be right. I'll try to use more exclamation points.
I am excited about this book! I am passionate about my subject, I believe I've got some nifty ideas and a novel way of communicating them, and I can't wait to show it to you! I am truly proud of the thought and effort Abrams and I are dedicating to make Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow? very special in both content and form! I have never worked this hard on anything in my life! I wake up every morning with terrific new details to add, and go to sleep every night praying it doesn't suck!
Maybe that last part should've been more subdued....
Just wanted to post the photo and I'm overdue at the drawing board. More soon.


ronnie said...

Cool picture!

If it helps up the drama quotient any, I always read the phrase "the World of Tomorrow" in the book title as being spoken à la 1940s radio guy. "Whatever happened to... THE WOOORRRLD OF TOMMMMORRRROWWWW?"

(This, after seeing a Futurama gag in which one of the scientists running a cryogenics lab in the year 3000 greets a newly unfrozen client with, "Welcome... to THE WOOORRLD OF TOMORRRROWWWWW!", to which his co-worker says flatly, "Do you have to say that every single time?")

yrs dramatically (and futuristically)


Brian Fies said...

Ronnie, When the book comes out, if you could go into bookstores and stand beside it hollering "Wooooorrld of Tommmmoorrrrrowwww" at passers-by, that would be great!

I probably would've named the book "Futurama" if it hadn't already been taken.