Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I'm seeing little geographic clusters in my visitor count and have received a couple of e-mails that tell me some college students are reading Mom's Cancer in class. You might think I'd already know that, but I really have no way to track who's reading (or assigning) my book unless they tell me. My ignorance is fathomless.

Anyway, it's an honor--one of those neat honors I never get used to--and I just wanted to mention that I'm readily available to answer questions about my book(s). My e-mail link is in that "About Me" profile box at upper right, or you can leave comments on the blog. I won't write your entire essay for you, but I'll reply as honestly and completely as I can.

Thanks, and thank your teachers for me. I appreciate it.


The Old Maid said...

I've gotten 13 hits in the past 10 days ... your recent cluster must be St. John's University in Jamaica, New York. May God bless them, and you for writing it. It doesn't bring back those we have lost, but may it be some comfort to you that new doctors may be better armed to fight this disease and and to better connect with their patients.

Brian Fies said...

Yeah, St. John's is one of them. There's also another college poking around.

I remember your review of "Mom's Cancer" very well and appreciate it. Thanks for that and your comment now. All my best!