Tuesday, January 26, 2016

LumaCon and More Upcoming

As the song goes, "I've been one poor correspondent." I'm busy working on secret-for-the-time-being projects that might turn into books. I find that Facebook is a good home for little bits of news or comment that I once would have blogged about (which is no good to anyone who isn't my Facebook friend, I know). Also, I kind of feel that after 10 years of blogging I've said a lot of what I've got to say.

Still, the Fies Files haven't been abandoned, and I can imagine business will pick up here in a few weeks or months when I can talk about the projects I can't talk about.

Just wanted to mention now that I'll be at this Saturday's "LumaCon" comics convention in Petaluma, Calif. I'll be holding down a table diffidently selling my books, and also taking part in a panel at 1 p.m. The con is Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., click that link for details.

I went to the first-ever LumaCon last year and had a terrific time. One of my best convention experiences ever, no kidding. It's organized by librarians with the purpose of bringing kids together with creators, and I found the whole thing low-key, small-town, and very sincere. Here's a blog post I wrote about it. This year's is in a larger facility. It's also free! I don't know how they do that. Seems to me they oughtta at least charge a couple bucks a head just so people'd appreciate the effort that goes into it.

In mid-February I've been invited to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I'll be talking to a class on Health & Society that's reading Mom's Cancer, then speaking at the Ann Arbor District Library that evening. I'm in town one day only: Tuesday, February 16. More details on that later.

If there's anywhere more fun than Michigan in February, I can't imagine it.

Otherwise, all is well. Hope the same is true for you.

My favorite photo from last year's LumaCon, which captured the feel of the event for me.

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Jen H said...

LumaCon was a blast and I was so happy to see it back again for round two! My kids loved it and can't wait to go again. My munchkins are your "LumaCon Kids Corp" (Thor, Batgirl and Captain America),this year they dressed as The Joker, Maka (Soul Eater - Anime) and a Ghostbuster. Can't wait for the next one!