Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy Birthday, Dumplins!

Twenty-eight years ago today, at around 3:40 and 3:42 a.m., I learned the true terror of the Ides of March.

Best day of my life.

Happy Birthday, punks. See you tonight!


Pamitty said...

What cute infants! I'm guessing a girl and a boy? Do you have any pictures of them while toddlers and/or little kids?
I love reading "Mom's cancer but when do we know that she either made it or if there is a funeral? I hope she survived and got back her health.

Brian Fies said...

Pammity, they're identical girls. I have TONS of pictures of them at all ages, but try to respect their privacy enough to not share any more than absolutely necessary. This post was necessary.

Thanks for reading "Mom's Cancer." It sounds like you're keeping up with it online at GoComics.com. The last page of the comic will be posted on May 23, to be followed by several pages detailing what happened after the story ended. I don't want to spoil the ending, but a print version of "Mom's Cancer" is available on Amazon. Or if you really want to know, write me and I'll tell you.