Wednesday, November 8, 2017

An Animated Fire Story

Now THIS is cool, by San Francisco PBS station KQED.

Arts Editor Gabe Meline--who self-published zines when he was a kid in my hometown--proposed the idea, and Video Producer Kelly Whalen (now I know TWO women by that name!) came to my daughters' house to record Karen and me.

 I think it's cleverly and sensitively done. In particular, Kelly and animator Farrin Abbott had to edit "A Fire Story" for time but ran all the proposed revisions by me to be sure I was OK with everything, and shared a rough cut as well. The version below is a "director's cut" that includes the original story's profanity. There's also a version that omits it because KQED hopes other PBS stations will pick it up.

Many thanks to Gabe, Kelly, Farrin and KQED. I'm very happy with both the process and its result.

A Santa Rosa Cartoonist’s ‘Fire Story’ Comes to Life from KQED Arts on Vimeo.


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Amy Coapman said...

A wonderful animation of the original, powerful art. I hope you are healing, along with the thousands affected by this terrible tragedy.

Cindy deRosier said...

This is so powerful. Thank you for sharing it. Please keep adding chapters to 'A Fire Story' as the story obviously doesn't stop here. Wishing you the best as you recover from this horror.

Unknown said...

I showed this to my students today. They were RAPT! I hope to see you at Lumacon?!

Brian Fies said...

Thank you, Susan. I plan to be there, though I won't really have anything to show or sell! But I do love LumaCon.