Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tuesday is Electricity Day!

Tuesday Morning Report: We're fine, still hunkered down with Laura and Robin in their apartment in Novato. Karen brought home delicious Vietnamese take-out last night after a busy day of saving the county.

Best of all, the electricity switched on last night! We're out of the 19th Century back into the 21st! No idea how long it'll stay on--PG&E keeps threatening to turn it off--so we're charging up everything we can and not taking it for granted.

Still no idea when we can go home. We hear from people still in the area that there aren't actually any roadblocks, we could drive in anytime, but we'd rather stay safe, smoke- and ash-free, and out of the way of firefighters. Today will be another bad wind day and the Kincade fire could turn any direction, including straight down the path the Tubbs fire took in 2017. Things are looking better but we're not out of the woods.

Our new house has one of those Ring video doorbells. I open the app every hour or two just to make sure my front porch is still there. I can even see a little bit of the street through the fisheye lens. Looks good so far.

Everything is all right when you're walking a dog.


Bookworm said...

Please keep the updates coming. It's not like seeing the news on TV -- it makes it personal.

Sharon Tuttle said...

Far from the danger here in Arcata, but happy to have the power back for a bit before it goes away again here tonight -- catching up on web-stuff, thinking of you, hoping your house and neighborhood continue to be OK!

Anonymous said...

I want you to know how much I appreciate your updates here and on FB. Some of my family are in the same subdivision. Sonoma County Firestorm Update on FB has also been extremely helpful. I live half way across the country. During the Tubbs Fire even though I aggressively followed maps and news I finally was able to find information on their loss .... one and a half days later! Even longer to find out everyone got out (I only had a landline number for them and an address, both useless after the fire). This time I know they are OK and for the time being so is their property.