Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Release Day!

Today is the official release date of "A Fire Story" in paperback, updated and expanded, just like it says on the cover! I can't promise that if you walk into your local heroic independent bookseller they'll have them stacked to the ceiling, but it sure would be nice if you went in and asked. If you already bought the hardcover and wonder if you really need another one, I understand. Just give me a call and I'll read you the new stuff over a cup of cocoa. 


Paula Aamli said...

Brian I vividly remember your original graphic story and had missed that it was published as a book. Just ordered a copy of the new paperback.

Brian Fies said...

Thank you, Paula!

Unknown said...

Mornin' Brian,
We have this one on order!
It was great meeting with you the other day, perhaps again when we're there.👍
Take care, Floyd

Brian Fies said...

Thank you, Floyd! It was great meeting you, look forward to it again sometime.