Tuesday, November 16, 2021


Karen and I got the Covid booster yesterday. Aside from my arm feeling like my college roommate punched me in the shoulder, which is something 20-year-old boys do for no good reason, I'm unscathed.

I planned to let it pass unremarked, but it seems worthwhile to take a public stand. I'll never understand how immunization got politicized. Vaccines work equally well on left- and right-wingers, and viruses don't care who you voted for. 

I think I've curated my friends well enough that none of you will be surprised I try to guide my life by science and reason. I also know some of my friends are wary of the shot, for either themselves or their children, because they've had bad vaccine reactions in the past. I get my shots and wear my mask for you. You're welcome.

I even get my shots and wear my mask for stubborn people in fascist suicide cults. I'm not worried about catching Covid myself anymore, but I'm trying my damnedest to not kill you. That's how civilization is supposed to work. I wish you'd show the same consideration, but I can't control your actions. Just mine.

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