Thursday, May 12, 2022


One of my very favorite parts of the publishing process: checking proofs. These are pages of a book printed on the actual paper and press the book will be printed on, mailed to the publisher and author for their approval. 

I gather that the industry is moving toward digital (PDF) proofs, which I think are useless. Especially for a graphic novel, you need to see how the images and ink will look on the page, which is very different from how they look on a monitor. You need to inspect the quality of the publishing process itself--are the colors in register (lined up right), are there flecks and specks on the printing plate? A PDF doesn't tell you any of that. As it is, I only got physical proofs for 12 spreads, or 24 pages, so we picked pages that might reveal problems or answer questions, e.g., how does my white lettering on a black background look (the answer: just fine!). 

I love proofs because I'm a process geek and because now my book is real. Aside from one hand-bound copy of Last Mechanical Monster I made for Karen, it hasn't been a physical object. Until now. That's neat.


Anonymous said...

Know this guy?

Brian Fies said...

Not personally, but I'm a fan of his work!

Chris Williams said...

It’s really coming? Thank goodness! I’ve been wanting to re-read it for ages.

Brian Fies said...

Thank you, Chris! Right now the release date is mid-October. Hope it lives up to your memories.