Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Schulz Cartoon-A-Thon!

I'll be at the Charles M. Schulz Museum next Saturday, helping them commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mr. Schulz's birth and the 20th anniversary of the museum, which I've been a proud member of since it opened. There'll be special guests, fun activities, Snoopy, and more than a dozen cartoonists at tables arrayed through the museum's Great Hall, which is where I'll be. 

This photo's from the 15th anniversary event, to give you an idea of what I expect the Cartoon-A-Thon to look like. I'm near the right edge of the photo in a black t-shirt.

I've done similar events there before, most recently for the 15th anniversary, and they're fun for both participants and guests. A local bookstore will be selling copies of "A Fire Story" but I haven't decided if I'll sell copies of my other books. I like money as well as any red-blooded American capitalist, but I'd really rather just sit and draw and talk to people about comics than guard a cash box. Maybe I'll bring a few for credit card purchases. I dunno.

I love having this museum 10 minutes from my home. I think it's just the right size and design for its subject: classy, graceful, not too small or big or grandiose. The staff and volunteers are great. Plus it's set right in the middle of the places Schulz worked and loved, his studio and ice arena (although Schulz helped plan the museum, he died before it was built). You can still feel his spark in the place. I've told this story before: whenever I'm working on a story and get stuck, I go to the ice arena's Warm Puppy Cafe--the same place Schulz ate his daily English muffin--buy a basket of fries and a Coke, and sit in that comics cathedral until I figure it out. Hasn't failed me yet. 

I love the place and will always do anything I can for it. If you're in the area, check it out.

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