Friday, March 17, 2023

I Had No Choice

Nearly two years ago, I pre-ordered a toy playset from an outfit called Mezco Toyz. Price was no object because I really had no choice: the set was from the Fleischer Brothers' 1941 "Superman" cartoon "The Mechanical Monsters." If anybody in the world had to have those toys . . .

There's probably a name for Mezco's business model but I don't know it. At least for this playset, they advertised for pre-orders and then (I guess) made as many sets as the promised funds allowed. If they get more orders, they make more toys. In any case, my set arrived today and I couldn't be more delighted. 

It's got Superman AND Clark Kent, plus a phone booth with a revolving platform so they can transform into each other (as the cognoscenti know, "The Mechanical Monsters" was the first time in history that Kent changed into Superman in a phone booth). Lois Lane with a little reporter's notebook. And the Robot! With detachable arms and propeller for flight or terrestrial modes, and optional flames for its flamethrowers! 

I could quibble with some of their proportions and design choices—I think the Robot in my Last Mechanical Monster book is maybe two feet taller—but chalk that up to "two different people looking at the same inconsistent source material and drawing different conclusions." They're great.

I don't expect anyone else to care, but I'm thrilled to have them.

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