Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Horses Lie

On a main road a few miles from my house sits a horse stable and riding arena, where I was delighted to see this sign appear several months ago. Finally had the opportunity to take a photo tonight.

There are many stories contained in this sign: The concerned citizens who think they're seeing a veterinary emergency. The 911 operators tired of taking calls about dead horses. The stable hands tired of having sheriff’s deputies roll up to check on the dead horses. The old equestrians rolling their eyes at city slickers who think horses only sleep standing up. A lot had to happen before the stable decided to pay for and put up a sign. 

And the fact that it should read "lie" instead of "lay" is just the chef's-kiss cherry atop the sundae. This sign is perfect exactly as it is. 

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CK said...

Oh dear. I had so much trouble with LIE and LAY in high school that I forced myself to sit down one day and memorize the conjugations. As far as I can tell, almost no one, including national publications of great repute, seems to know the difference anymore. I almost wish I hadn't learned the distinctions, because every time I see these errors it causes me a stabbing pain in my heart!