Monday, April 12, 2010

Comics Coast to Coast Podcast

The hosts of the venerable Comics Coast to Coast podcast--Brian Dunaway, John Sanford, and Justin Thompson--just posted an hour-plus interview with yours truly. We did it last Thursday, right after the 2010 Eisner nominations were announced, so we had that news to talk about, plus much more about my life and work that somebody with 1:07:23 to kill might find interesting.

I really enjoyed our conversation and hope that comes across. I was also fighting off a cold, which is why my voice gets a little croaky toward the end. Talking with these guys felt a little like falling into a radio "Morning Zoo" crew, with laughter and digressions. They're all cartoonists themselves, which I think adds some good texture and energy. We started the interview talking about local bookstores and ended it with renewable power. In between, we spent the first half on Mom's Cancer and the second on WHTTWOT.

Many thanks to the Comics Coast to Coast guys! If you do visit their site, check out the long list of podcasts they've done with other cartooning type people. It's pretty impressive.


ronnie said...

That page isn't loading right now, Brian.

Did your legions of followers slashdot the podcast? ;)

Brian Fies said...

Apparently they failed to account for my enormous popularity.

I'll send 'em a note to let them know. I'm sure they'll work it out soon, check back later if you're interested!

Brian Fies said...

Looks like it's working now. Ta-da!

Mike Peterson said...

Finally came up with an errand long enough for an hour-long podcast. (Comics Coast-to-Coast, Wait Wait and On the Media podcasts are my long-distance companions most times.)

Good stuff and, though I was familiar with much of what you said, there were nuances that I hadn't heard before, simply because their approach is different -- they're working cartoonists but not all that familiar with your work. It was a very interesting approach that shed plenty of new light.

There was also the phenomenon of hearing them discover something I was very familiar with -- it's like showing a visitor around your home town -- you have these moments of "Oh, right, this place IS pretty cool. I'd kind of forgotten that."

Sandra said...

Great interview, Brian.

Namowal (Jennifer Bourne) said...

Finally got a chance to listen to it yesterday.
I like how you described the style of Mom's Cancer as "Hi and Lois go to Hell."
Out of context it sounds outrageous, but it worked so well in the book.
I agree with the sentiment (from both the book and the interview) about it being "amazing what you can get used to." So true!

Brian Fies said...

Thanks for listening! I appreciate the interest and the feedback.