Saturday, June 4, 2011

Panel Borders & Chicago-Bound

I met radio reporter Alex Fitch when I spoke at the very first Graphic Medicine conference in London last June. Alex hosts "Panel Borders," the podcast version of the UK's only weekly radio show about comics. What perfect timing, then, for Alex to tell me he's posted a recording of my keynote speech less than a week before I head to Chicago to take part in the second Graphic Medicine conference. Not that I expect anyone to listen, but if you dip in a toe please keep in mind that I'm narrating a slide show you can't see. I really enjoyed meeting and talking to Alex, and very much appreciate him keeping in touch.

Chicago is coming, ready or not. I think I'll be ready. In addition to preparing a 90-minute workshop on "How to Make Comics," I need to do enough homework to moderate two panels plus write a smart, witty and brief (I'm aiming for two out of those three) introduction for Scott McCloud's public lecture. We'll also have receptions, a mass booksigning at Chicago comic book store Quimby's, all sorts of revelry. I expect to be happily exhausted, after which Karen and I will stay an extra vacation day for ourselves. If Chicago could oblige by not mounting non-stop 95-degree thunderstorms, we'd appreciate it.

Did I mention that conference participants will be given a cool cloth tote bag with artwork from Mom's Cancer screen-printed on it? Well, they will. I think that's pretty neat. But now I'm starting to sound like a PBS pledge drive.

Did I also mention that I've been working hard trying to send Editor Charlie a full proposal for Mystery Project X before I leave for Chicago? Well, I'm not gonna make it. But soon.

I was looking through Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow this afternoon to find some material for my workshop when I realized I hadn't actually cracked its cover in a long time. I also realized: Hey, it's pretty good! I'm not sure I was ever able to look at it with fresh eyes before. It's better than I remembered! What a relief.

I just found out tonight that a guy I know in real life reads my blog. Hi, Joe! Good seein' you. Vaya con dios.

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ronnie said...

Exciting! I LOVE the tote bags! I think once you have branded swag, you've officially Arrived. :)

Looking forward to hearing reports from/about Chicago.