Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Sanctum Sanctorum

I started the week too busy with real work to polish off our office/studio renovation, but today took a few minutes (ahem, hours) to put some art on the wall. Although there are a still few floating boxes of objects without homes and knick-knacks poorly arranged, today I'm declaring the room DONE.

The final report:

East Wall: My collection of original comic art (which didn't all fit before) above the rolltop desk where I do all my drawing. The desk still needs some organizing but is functional. BTW, Mom made the stained-glass lampshade for me, and my girls made the little felt Cosmic Kid doll atop the filing cabinet. And I have an Underdog trash can. 

South Wall: The focus of our week's work: a built-in cabinet and bookcase, fully packed. Except for that little alcove at center top, which I haven't figured out what to fill with. Something special. Again, the hanging paper lantern is just a temporary placeholder, to be replaced by a short floor lamp that'll sit on the countertop below it. And I have a lava lamp.

West Wall: The countertop wraps around to hold my printer, phones, fax, scanner. I'm most proud of the bulletin board: a 2 x 3-foot piece of sheet metal in a white picture frame. My plan was to use the metal bare, but I couldn't remove the frame's glass without risk of shattering and figured what the heck: leave it in. The glass on top of metal makes it extra shiny, and strong magnets have no trouble sticking. And I still have a lava lamp.

The north wall isn't worth mentioning--mostly a mirrored closet door with a display shelf full of toys above it. I loves me some toys. I've also got a little telescope that tucks in behind the computer desk.

Karen's wound is healing cleanly, thank goodness, and will eventually fade into a faint scar that reminds her of the good times. Right, honey? Right?

I've been a little amazed by all the interest and support these renovation posts have gotten. To answer a common question: Sorry, we are not for hire. I've already enjoyed a couple of days sitting and working in my new space and must say, although the old room was cozy, this feels bigger, more functional, and more fun. I want to hang out here, which is conducive to getting stuff done.

I thought I might miss the old mess.

I don't.

And here's a picture of a dog.



Sherwood Harrington said...

Most excellent! I'm a little surprised that the desk at which you do most of your drawing doesn't emphasize lighting of some sort. I guess the bright white of the walls and ceiling provide a nice, diffused ambient light, eh?

Brian Fies said...

Oh, the lighting's terrible. But with the lights on and window blinds open, I get enough to work. I really should have one of those enormous fluorescent architect's lamps hanging over the desk but I prefer Mom's.

Marion said...

Elegant. I like the color choice. Karen, best wishes for a speedy recovery. Brian, shouldn't Riley have her own blog by now?

Anonymous said...

Whose artwork have you got there?

Brian Fies said...

Marion: Riley is enthusiastic but her grammar is terrible. We're working on it.

Anon: Roughly left to right I've got art from Guy Gilchrist, Stephan Pastis, Charles Schulz, Raina Telgemeier, Chip Kidd, Stan Drake, Walt Kelly, Eddie Campbell, Mike Lynch, Brian Narelle, Richard Howell (comic book artist), Irwin Hasen, Gus Arriola, Otis Frampton, Ted Slampyak, and more Guy Gilchrist. At one time or another I've blogged about a lot of the pieces. The two posters on the angled wall are from events I've been part of.