Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Progress Report

Day Five of Operation Office/Studio. Encouraging signs of progress. End in sight. Donner Party-style cannibalism averted.

Yesterday we painted the ceiling and trim white. Today the 25-year-old Navajo White walls turned Sterling Gray. Hard to tell with this photo's lighting, but the paint on the wall from about my elbow down is the new color. I'm cutting in at the ceiling line with one of my art brushes. Not that I'm OCD or anything.
This is how far we got today. A rolltop desk is at left, my computer desk at right. Again, it's hard to tell, but the walls are a light gray that really looks good against pure white. Almost accidentally, we seem to be moving toward an "Industrial" style. The cabinets are from Home Depot; they're meant to be upper kitchen cabinets, which means they're only 12 inches deep--ideal for a small room. Tomorrow I'll build countertops as well as bookcases atop the left wing of cabinets up to the ceiling. Despite my use of power tools, remarkably little blood has been spilled to date.
Man and dog, both exhausted by their day's labors.


Marion said...

Too cute! (You and the dog.)

Nice color choice on the walls!

Sherwood Harrington said...

Looks great so far.

For some reason, your project reminds me of a time early in my career when I moved from one small apartment in Oakland to another because the venetian blinds (among other hard-to-clean items) had gotten dirty. There was a time when moving was the easiest maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Poor Riley! So much supervising to do! Looks like exhaustion has set in for you both.
Nurse Sis