Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Visions of the Past

Just a quick post and a picture. My sisters came to visit this weekend, and we all had a very nice time reunionating. Elisabeth ("Kid Sis") brought along a sculpture I made for her 10? 11? 12? years ago because it needed some repairs, and she wasn't quite sure how I'd put it together.

Lis and I were both fans of The Avengers before anybody else knew who they were (aside from John Steed and Emma Peel), and this is the Marvel Comics character The Vision:

The character is an android who joined the Avengers while yearning to discover his potential for humanity--much the same arc played by Data on "Star Trek," except the Vision came 20 years earlier. In the upcoming second Avengers movie, I understand he'll be played by Paul Bettany (an uncannily spot-on casting choice I endorse). He's passing through the wall like a ghost (or a vision!) because that's one of his superpowers.

My depiction is made of Sculpy (a sort of molding putty that hardens when baked) on an armature attached to a wood plaque, then painted with acrylics. I don't think I've really seen him since I gave him to Lis, so it was a fun kick in the pants to face my handiwork again. Repairs made to the best of my ability, he's on his way back home.

My Vision's anatomy is a little wonky, and I see things I'd have done better if I could, but I'm not ashamed of it. I should do more of this stuff. It's a lot of fun to occasionally work in three dimensions instead of two.


Marion said...

Wow, I really like it! Sculpey is fun. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from words, too.

Mike Lynch said...

Wow! Looks amazingly good to me.

I remember The Vision too. I also remember telling a younger Avengers fan who he was and the fan, despite never hearing about him before, began to berate the entire idea of an android desiring to be human (especially the love angle with the Scarlet Witch, which I had also JUST told him about). The young fan boy was so *expletive* relieved there wasn't any character "as dumb as the *expletive" Vision" in "his" Avengers. On and on he ranted. Maybe he still is.

Dude made me smile. Some things, like fan boys' tudes, never change.

Brian Fies said...

Thanks, Marion!

High praise from you, Mike, thanks. Having kids has provided an interesting perspective on things. My Avengers aren't my girls' Avengers, my Star Trek isn't their Star Trek (e.g., they loved "Enterprise," which I thought was fine but no classic, because it was the first Trek they were really conscious viewers of). I've come to embrace the differences. It's nothing to get angry, insulting or defensive about, but some people do. I think that's one of the signs of "maybe you should get a life."

Anonymous said...

Your sculpture is lovely! I saw this, wondering if it was some kit that could be bought and painted. I've always loved The Vision despite being a younger comic fan...so I guess I just had to compliment your work even though it's quite a bit late. ^.^;;

Brian Fies said...

Thanks very much! I appreciate it.