Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mom's Cancer Notes: Page 19

I'm annotating individual pages from my book Mom's Cancer as they're posted on These are my notes on Page 19 (July 2).

Yeah, we really got that reaction from Mom's medical team. They couldn't believe her osteopath's incompetence. But we were making progress, zeroing in on a diagnosis and a plan.

I mentioned this a few months ago but will repeat it here: I was watching TV recently when I saw a face in a commercial that brought me to an abrupt stop. "Hey, I know her!" Given the commercial's subject matter, it only took me a moment to remember how.

That's her younger version caricatured in the comic above. She was a terrific doc then and it's good to see her still working hard and getting it done.

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Unknown said...

Narrative medicine and the doctor patient relationship is the need of the hour