Friday, February 22, 2019

Book Tour!

Here's the plan! Looks like I picked the wrong month to give up amphetamines.* Many great bookstores on the list, most of which I've never been to.

Subject to change, including maybe one or two additions. Come out, say hello, and support your heroic local independent bookseller!

* I do not abuse amphetamines.


rower said...

Congrats on the upcoming launch and tour! A sad tale, but what a lovely creative way to share it with the World. We have a mutual friend, one who lost her home as well. She just told me how she used your book as a means to convey her experience to a cousin in the UK. Your artistic and journalistic talents found their calling. My best to you, your Family, and your Community. I just ordered my copy, I too look forward to sharing it with many.

Anonymous said...

Klieg lights?