Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Intellectual Life #15

A Peek into the Intimate Intellectual Life of a Long-Married Couple, Part 15:

Me: "I just found something interesting. For the past couple of days I've felt something scratching my leg. Turned out I had a nail sticking through the bottom of my jeans pocket."

Karen: "How could you not know you had a nail in your pocket?"

Me: "Only the head was in my pocket. The rest of it was poking out the bottom, scratching my leg."

Karen: "And you felt it for days and didn't investigate?"

Me: "I scratched the itch, it went away."

Karen: "I'm going to start experimenting by putting things in your pockets and seeing how long it takes you to notice them."

Me: "Like a live possum?"

Karen: "Like a dry bean."

Me: "Oh, I'd never notice that."

Karen: "You need to change your pants more often."

This has been another peek into the intimate intellectual life of a long-married couple.

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