Sunday, January 8, 2023

The Intellectual Life #16

A Peek into the Intimate Intellectual Life of a Long-Married Couple, Part 16:

We had pancakes for breakfast this morning. Karen started to get a bit peckish around 1 p.m.

Karen: "Pancakes just aren't very filling."

Me: "What you you mean? They're delicious and hearty and full of magical fairy wings."

Karen: "Fairy wings aren't filling."

Me: "You have to eat about 3000 of them."

Karen: "Are they mostly protein or carbs?"

Me: "I suppose they're really meat, so . . ."

Karen: "Ugh."

Me: "But I always figured they were made of spun sugar."

Karen: "So pure carbs. No wonder I'm hungry."

This has been another peek into the intimate intellectual life of a long-married couple.

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