Monday, June 8, 2009

Bookplates, Get'cher Bookplates

I may be jumping the gun a little here, but wanted to extend an offer I made during my webcast to any and all readers of my blog.

Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow should start showing up in bookstores in a week or two. My publisher Abrams and I are lining up a few book signings, but I don't think they'll be numerous or widespread.

I'm always happy to inscribe and sign anyone's book as long as they cover the round-trip postage. Just e-mail me to get my address. However, an alternative to all that expensive back-and-forth mailing is a bookplate: essentially a very nice sticker that I can sign and mail to you, which you can then place in your book. You get all the fun (!) and prestige (?) of a signed book without enduring the ordeal of actually meeting me, so it's a win-win for everyone.

For a limited time only (until my supplies run low, it gets too expensive, or I don't feel like it anymore), I will mail a signed bookplate, custom designed by me, to anyone who requests one at no cost. Free! I'm certain everybody reading my blog is a good enough sport to play fair--please don't ask for one unless you've actually bought the book, and don't ask for a whole bunch (unless you bought a whole bunch of books, in which case you're my new best friend). I guarantee these will have no value as collectibles and you'll get nothing for them on eBay.

If you're interested, e-mail your postal address along with any inscription you'd like to brianfies[at]comcast[dot]net. It would help me out if you'd mention "Bookplate" in the subject line. Of course, anyone who wants me to sign your actual book is still welcome to go to the trouble; just e-mail me at the same address and I'll tell you where to ship it.

Or you could just print out this one and glue it into your book yourself . . .


Mike Lynch said...

This is all very fine and good, but I want that rocket you made!! Want it!! Waah!!

Sherwood Harrington said...


My first copy of the book just arrived in my mailbox! And a handsome lookin' critter it is.

Valerie said...

Brian, saw your books at Tina and Walter's this weekend (sorry you couldn't make it!). What is your email if I want to find details of getting a signed copy for Ben and I???

Valerie Place Harrison

Brian Fies said...

Valerie, great to hear from you (after 30 years?!). I e-mailed you privately, but if you didn't get my note feel free to write me at