Monday, June 29, 2009

Review: What Another Brian is Reading

Got a second mention in Comic Book Resources' "What Are You Reading?" column because evidently a second person there read me. This reader is Brian Cronin, who writes in part:

Brian Fies’ follow-up to Mom’s Cancer, Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow, was a worthy successor to the magnificent Mom’s Cancer. World of Tomorrow examines the relationship of a father and son through the years as America (and the relationship) becomes progressively more cynical . . . It’s a strong, poignant work by Fies.

Brian has read a lot of comics and been reviewing them a long time, which makes this very nice to see.

* * *

One of the nicer write-ups I've received so far is this little piece by Nat W., who considerately snapped a picture of my book on display in San Luis Obispo, Calif. Nat is a friend of my daughters and a smart and talented young man--the kind of kid you'd like your own kids to hang around with, a real Eagle Scout. Really, he's literally an Eagle Scout. Anyway, thanks Nat, you're welcome to crash in my living room anytime.

* * *

I feel like I've been posting a lot of reviews and stuff like that lately, and less personal and process material than usual. Partly that's because that's where my head's at: hoping WHTTWOT is well-received, talking to people about it, wondering how it'll do. Partly because I've been busy with other work and life activities that demand a lot of time.

These posts aren't entirely meant as self-aggrandizement. One of the purposes of my blog from the start was to describe the process and experience of writing and publishing a graphic novel. Together we drew pages, corresponded with editors and designers, sent files to the printer, got the first box of books delivered to the doorstep. Now my book-making experience involves reviews and interviews. As I see it, the "deal" I make with you that keeps this from being complete promotional fluff is that I'll be as honest as I can about it--disappointments and bad reviews (not much to report so far, fingers crossed) included.


Ronnie said...

Love the interviews! Don't hold back. I want to read every word of every one.

I am having trouble deciding exactly which page to put my bookplate on. Where would you have signed it if you had signed it?

Mike's Mom

Mike said...

Self-aggrandizement would be if you just expected us to seek out and find the reviews ourselves. This is just fine. Besides, as you say, it's been a group effort except for, y'know, the talent, energy, vision, work ... other than that, we've been sweating right alongside you.

Markus said...

Hi there, Brian. Markus here from the Philippines.

I know this might be very late but it's just recently that I discovered Mom's Cancer.

I'd have to say I enjoyed reading the book so much that I'm considering to post a review of it on my blog very, very soon.

Would you mind if I posted several images of it on my blog entry?

Kudos to you for a masterpiece, Brian! hoping to hear from you.

Brian Fies said...

Ronnie, I've seen signed bookplates in all kinds of places, so I actually e-mailed Abrams Publicist Amy to ask her where to stick it. Avoiding the obvious response, she said she places it inside the front cover but "it could go anywhere." In person, I sign the half-title page--that is, the first white one with the book title in light gray.

Mike, we're all in this together. Except, you know, for the royalties part.

Markus, I'll try e-mailing you through your website but will also answer here. First, thanks for reading and liking "Mom's Cancer," I appreciate that very much. You're welcome to use images from the book as part of the review, as long as "several" doesn't mean reproducing entire long passages. Thanks for asking, and for reviewing it.

Markus said...

Thanks for the reply, Brian. Markus here again. Ive already posted the review on my blog along with 2 pages from the book. Hope you dont mind.

Thanks again for such a wonderful book.